Veronica Vukusic - Shala Yoga Squamish

I started practicing yoga in 1998 with an interest in deepening my understanding of meditation and the body-mind connection. In 2006, I completed my first yoga teacher training and haven't looked back since.

With roots in classical Sivananda Yoga and advanced training in Hatha Vinyasa, I combine old and new teachings of yoga to link ancient wisdom with everyday living in a practical way. Weaving philosophy with breath awareness in alignment-based sequences that are progressive and grounding, my classes offer a full range of postures to include a variety of students and provide an overall feeling of balance. As a lover of language and movement, I rely on clear verbal cues, relevant themes, and fluid choreographies to engage practitioners in their bodies. 

Teaching both in Squamish and Vancouver, I offer public and private yoga classes, facilitate workshops in yoga teacher trainings, and lead annual yoga retreats. 

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