Knowledgeable space holders to support you during your practice.

Anna Gouin Shala Yoga Squamish

Anna sources inspiration for her classes from a place of humble curiosity, having bared witness to the way her own practice has evolved due to injury, lack of awareness, or unhealthy coping mechanisms over the years. Teaching from the seat of experience, Anna seeks to offer classes that are alignment focused, challenging, and accessible to all body types and levels of flexibility.

Bex Mitchell Shala Yoga Squamish

Bex’s intention is to hold a relaxed space to allow students to step onto their mat with a smile and practice with compassion. Her teachings encompass a holistic approach to yoga; expect lots of breath work and dynamic alignment-based asana along with teachings into the wisdom of yoga, which you can take with you off the mat and into daily life.

Carmen Chornell Shala Yoga Squamish

The practices of yoga and meditation have gifted me with immense self-discovery, inner spaciousness, and a trust of my own teacher and intelligence within. Guiding practitioners to experience this, even if only for a glimpse, is why I love to teach. I trained at the Sattva School of Yoga under Rameen Peyrow in 2014 in Edmonton. I feel blessed to teach the Sattva Sequencing as I strongly believe in its richness and truth.

Christine Selda Shala Yoga Squamish

My yoga is one of shamanic roots from the songs and bones of the earth, the mountains, and the medicine peoples. I have had the great honour of answering my vocational calling to teach yoga since 1998 and studying with many of the masters of yoga as we know them today: B.K.S. Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, Sivananda, Geeta Iyengar, Dr. Karandikar, Swami Durgananda. As I journeyed deeper in the study of yoga, I have come to disentangle myself from all of these lineages.

Gin Perry Shala Yoga Squamish

I completed my 500 hr yoga teacher training with Christine Selda and the Shamanic yoga institute and continue to unpack the gifts that I received during that training. I am inspired by nature in the ways that it is cyclical, death follows life, as life follows death. There is not one without the other, and we must shed the old in order to breathe new life into our being. Yoga reminds me of that place within that never changes, is always there, and is my sacred refuge.


Jessica Kelly is a free spirited, creative, nature loving, yoga enthusiast who is honoured to be sharing classes with the Shala community. A yoga teacher since 2014 she has over 550 hours of yoga training under her belt, as well as being an experienced arts educator and owner of Act Alive Academy. Jessica is also a full mesa carrier and apprentice at the Shamanic Yoga Institute, where she has received many years of training and education.

Jon Dickson Shala Yoga Squamish

What is the nature of transformation? Who, or what, transforms? And what is well being and healing? These are some of the questions a philosopher, scientist, and artist explore. As a lover of knowledge and wisdom, Jon explores questions like these through various means. Yoga, for Jon, is the place and space where he discovered that he could explore the nature of being and possible answers to these questions, while simultaneously being grounded in his body and in community.

Liz Marleau Shala Yoga Squamish

PRYT Yoga therapist. Yoga teacher. And forever student of holistic sciences. Liz has been a practicing yogi ever since she discovered the art whilst travelling through India 18 years ago. She facilitates invigorating classes fused with lots of self-reflection and soul searching discoveries. She is dedicated to helping her students understand the sutras, in holding space for each of us, and to help us deepen our connection with our psycho-spiritual anatomy.

Matt Fernandes Shala Yoga Squamish

Matt Believes that Yoga contains both discipline and softness. It is a journey toward self-realization; uncovering one’s true Self and honoring the greatness within. Being a patient and humble teacher, who is attentive to the progress of each individual, he believes that each pose creates an opportunity to engage in internal stillness and tranquility. Matt holds space for every student so they may feel supported and safe throughout their practice,

Micaela Carron Shala Yoga Squamish

Micaela is an RYT-500 certified Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Spirit Woman and lover of the little things in life. She is hopelessly in love with nature and believes that Yoga is Now; every moment can be beautiful when we acknowledge its sacredness and hold reverence for our surroundings and our inner landscape. She has been teaching yoga in the park all summer and has thoroughly enjoyed connecting with the community in the outdoors!

Michelle Cronier

I grew up in the forests of Northern Ontario and have always had a very strong connection to the trees. Following whispers in the wind from the mountains, I moved out West to pursue environmental management for many years until I realized my call to serve was beyond the desk. When I found yoga in 2007, it taught me that within myself I held the power to create the life I want to live.

Nathalie Marigot Shala Yoga Squamish

Yoga and alternative medicine have created a greater sense of contentment and ease in Nathalie’s life. This is why Nathalie decided to follow my heart and quit her office job to focus on her work as a yoga instructor and health practitioner. Nathalie is passionate about sharing the experiences she has had and the joy she has felt during her own journey of life with others.

Nicole Stratton Shala Yoga Squamish

Nicole's playful outlook on life keeps her classes fresh and fun! Tuning the senses inward, classes focus on staying open and curious to the wisdom of individual subtle bodies and breath.. Her intuitive guidance helps students listen within, and let go. She is a certified Yoga & Ayurveda Specialist at the 500hr level and has completed 2 Yin Yoga 50hr trainings (with Bernie Clark and Jolene Bayda). Nicole has also received Reiki level one training and is constantly continuing her yoga education.

Robyn Monk Shala Yoga Squamish

Robyn Monk (CYA-YT, E-RYT-550, FRCms) is a Certified Yoga Therapist, therapeutic yoga teacher and Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist. She has completed extensive trainings in therapeutic yoga for pain management, as well as restorative, yin, hatha, flow and trauma-sensitive yoga. Inspired by anatomy, biomechanics, movement science and current pain science research, Robyn's classes blend traditional yoga with therapeutics, functional movement, gentle strength and mobility work, breath practices and mindfulness.

Rochelle Quary Shala Yoga Squamish