The practice of Yoga found me while traveling Thailand in 2008. I was on that soul searching kind of journey. At this time, I was thirsty to discover who I truly am and what true my calling in life could be. In addition, I had physical injuries and previous life challenges that required help. I quickly learnt that through the practice of yoga; I was not only able to begin healing my physical injuries but also establish an overall felt sense of wellbeing. From this point on, yoga became pivotal to my life’s prosperity. It is my absolute pleasure to continue as a teacher, healer and forever student.

As I continued down the path of yoga, I discovered traditional Kundalini Yoga in the Kootenays of British Columbia. I decided that this was the first teacher's training I must do. Later on, I studied Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Vipassana meditation. I have been blessed to teach many ages and stages of life; prenatal, mom and baby, children, teens, athletic adults, the elderly and the injured. I believe yoga and meditation can be for everyone.

I love being apart of the Shala Yoga community as a way to continue bringing this beautiful practice to humanity.

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