Nathalie Maginot

 Nathalie Maginot Shala Yoga 


Yoga and alternative medicine have created a greater sense of contentment and ease in Nathalie’s life. This is why Nathalie decided to follow my heart and quit her office job to focus on her work as a yoga instructor and health practitioner. Nathalie is passionate about sharing the experiences she has had and the joy she has felt during her own journey of life with others. Nathalie believes that yoga is a great tool for helping us to train our awareness. The primary focus of her work, both as a health practitioner and yoga instructor, is the training of consciousness. Nathalie’s yoga classes, workshops and treatments all guide you on a journey to yourself. She wants to help you to learn and listen to your body and your mind, once again, so you can follow your own inner guide and become more conscious, more content and healthier.