I completed my 500 hr yoga teacher training with Christine Selda and the Shamanic yoga institute and continue to unpack the gifts that I received during that training. I am inspired by nature in the ways that it is cyclical, death follows life, as life follows death. There is not one without the other, and we must shed the old in order to breathe new life into our being.

Yoga reminds me of that place within that never changes, is always there, and is my sacred refuge. It connects me back to source where I can surrender with trust, knowing that whatever life brings, I have what I need to overcome. I love exploring sounds as a modality to anchor the mind during practice. As a believer that the mind is our most powerful tool, I encourage students to bring awareness to the world within and bring attention back to breath.

My classes focus on tuning into our energetic body and syncing movement with breath. Desiring to keep classes accessible and interesting to all levels of practitioners, I offer variations, allowing students to move safely through their practice.

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