The practices of yoga and meditation have gifted me with immense self-discovery, inner spaciousness, and a trust of my own teacher and intelligence within. Guiding practitioners to experience this, even if only for a glimpse, is why I love to teach.

I trained at the Sattva School of Yoga under Rameen Peyrow in 2017 in Edmonton. I feel blessed to teach the Sattva Sequencing as I strongly believe in its richness and truth. Sattva is a blend of Hatha yoga, breathwork and meditation. Every month holds a new sequence that focuses on either the front, back, side or strength body for the entire month. This focused awareness of our anatomy allows for a deep understanding and harmony of our body, breath and mind. This class is suitable for all levels of practitioners.

I am beyond thrilled to be a part of this yoga community and I am so looking forward to sharing space with you all!

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